Welcome back to the new year 5 pupils!
I'm very excited to be working with you; this year will be a lot of fun!
I hope you have all had a fantastic 6 weeks holiday, I certainly did. I spent my holiday visiting lots of new places with my two adorable children. We had lots of fun and shared new experiences.
Please comment below and tell me what you got up to during your holiday.
5/9/2013 06:55:10 pm

My favourite day of my holiday was when I had my sleepover with Ellie Ella and Leah. They came over at 3 o clock and we made cakes! First we went out to play in our onsies with Elizabeth. Next we played on the tarsan and talked about how yummy the cakes that we made earlier. We went inside after, but before we went to sleep we watched a movie. We stayed up all night on the kindle fires and the i pad. I went to get a drink and I fell asleep in the sink! Untill my Mum woke us up later.

5/9/2013 06:56:15 pm

My favourite day of my holidays was going to see the baby. He was cute and small. My mam fed the baby and he fell asleep.

5/9/2013 07:07:35 pm

My favourite day of the holiday was when I went to Hadrins Wall and did the hardest part. That day we did 8 miles it went up and down, before we started Vinny and I where shocked at the hills. Somtime it wasn't a walk sometimes it was a climb. I discovered at the top it was windier at the top so we stop to cool down. As time went we got tired but we kept on going on that day we whent through 7 liters of water because it was sunny as well.We got over the hills and it got dark so we had our tea and look at the stars and went to bed.

Katie H
5/9/2013 07:08:40 pm

My favourite day of my holidays was when I went to my mams
and dads scan. My mam is having a boy 2days after Christmas.
It was amazing as a puppy. Me and my mam and dad just smiled
because my mam thought she could olny have girls. I joyed it was
fun. Then we went to this art club and then we went home . The
babys head is 7mm with 4 months left. After we went shopping.

5/9/2013 07:10:00 pm

My favourite day of my holiday was Thursday 2nd August when we were in Blackpool on the Pleasure Beach! I went onto the Blue Flyer, Big Dipper, Pirate Ships, Balloons, Planes, Water guns, Rug Rats water log and Around the world boat trip and water log joined onto it. After that we went to get a slush puppy to cool us down because it was a very hot day. Once we had them we left and went to Madame Tussauds. My favourite was the Royal family but I also like Jeremy Kyle and Alan Carr and when it was time to go we went back to the apartment.

5/9/2013 07:11:44 pm

My favorite day of my holiday was the third Thursday when I was on holiday at Palma Aqaurum when you went in you had to get your hand stamped and photo taken. There was nine parts but first was the Medtraium sea, soon as I walked in to the tunnel a huge mantaray was on top of the tunnel I fell over in shock and the tunnel was a full 3 miles long but after that was part 8 because we took a wrong turn but part 8 was the Big Blue the biggest shark tank in Eurupe it was awsome but my favorite bit was when the diver went in and the huge tiger shark bit the divers fliper of.

5/9/2013 07:22:13 pm

My favouvite day of my holliday was when I went to Chester Market fun day. I went with my baby cousin, my mam and my dad. My baby cousin poked this mans eyes he was dressed as a clown. She also give him a cuddle. Me and my baby cousin Evie gave him a sweet and me and Evie went on the bouncy house it was a bouncy castlein a little house it had slide, then I went on a bouncy slide. Then I got my portrait done and I went on the maze and I went on the shoot then I went on the rodeo bull it was so fun.

5/9/2013 07:26:53 pm

My favourite day of my holiday was when I went to Legoland. It was amazing, I had lot's of fun. Then I went on most of the rides, there was one of the parts where lego diggers were built. Someone had built a giant truck, it was awsome. Then after we looked at what other people had built. Someone had built the Eiffel tower out of lego. Then I saw the Sky tree. Then a boy had built the hole place then it was time to go home. By time we got back it was time to go to bed.

5/9/2013 08:19:07 pm

My favourite day of the holiday was when I went to the South Lakes Zoo I went with my brother, mybrother's Grandma and Granda. I saw aload of amazing animals Rhinos, Giraffes, Tigers, Snow leopard, Babboons, penguins, leamer Monkeys, Parrots, Lions, Bears and goats. My favourite animals were the Babboons and Tigers. One of the Tigers sat right in front of me and ate its food. The baby babboon stared at me with its cute little face.

4/10/2013 03:32:57 am

I went there too! 😀

5/9/2013 08:22:03 pm

My favourite day of my holiday was going to Essex with my Aunty Jan and my Uncle Kim, my cusin Sinead and Leland. First I went to the Fun Fair. Me and Leland went on ghost trian. After we went on the waltzer we went back to Aunty Vals. When we were having dinner all we could hear was the owls, Leland took a hour to eat. After that Me and Leland played in the pool for the rest of the day at night we slept in the Tipee.

5/9/2013 08:22:36 pm

My favourite day of my holiday was when I went to a caravan site, after we got sorted I went to have a look around then I went into the pool it was weird because the outside one was where if u let go of yourself it pulls you along and thats what I did. Once I got used to the pool I went on the least scariest slide and after I went on a few times I went on the other one it was scary so it was my go and I went a little bit fast on it but it was really fun.Before I went on though, I got a hold of the pole and on the first slide I went really fast I loved it. Everyone went shopping and we went to have a look around, we went for a fish and chips and then went to the arcades. It was late so me and my grandad went back to the caravan but also went back with lots of things we won.

5/9/2013 08:23:55 pm

My favourite day of my holiday was the Safari Park. The 1st thing that we saw were the deers and me and my dad thought they were so adorable. Then the 2nd thing we saw was the Rinos they were gigantic, one was running away from another one it was funny. After that the 3rd one was the king of the jungle the mighty lion. It was sprinting for another lion and it was coming past our car. The 4th thing was the Baboons and they ripped the mirror off and the window wiper. It was good fun, it was the best thing ever.

5/9/2013 08:29:20 pm

My favourite day of the holidays was when I went to Beamish the museum. Once I got my tickets I got on a tram and went to the pit village and got fish and chips which I had to wait an hour for. After that I walked to the fair ground where I went on a steam powerd merry go round, then I went on a swing with my brother. After that I to the town and went into a sweet shop then went to home farm where my brother got a fly in his eye and that was my favroite day of the holidays.

5/9/2013 08:30:44 pm

My favourite day of my holiday was when I went to the zoo. The first thing I did was we went to see the long, fat snakes. While we were there we went for lunch. After lunch we went to see the giraffes, they just eating food. After a while we went to see the babboons, they all had red backs. We saw some bears they were having a sleep and the leamers were just running around. We also saw a goat in the middle of no where. We just went to the park for a little while. After the park we went to the gift shop and then we went home.

5/9/2013 08:33:07 pm

My favourite day of holidays was when we went to Pirate Crazy Golf. Me, mam, dad and Kieran all had fun.We started on level one it was easy peasy so we did fab then we moved to level two, but it was a little hard. After that we moved onto level three there was water around the island and there was a crocodile in there but it wasn't real. We got all balls in, all except Kieran's it went in the water however he got it in so we could go to level four.

5/9/2013 08:35:18 pm

My favourite day of my holiday was when I went to Flamingoland my favourite ride was the hero ride, on it you went upside down it was scary but fun. We also went on a ship it had a cage above your head and it went upside down. Then we went to see the lions but they were not there they were having their lunch. After we went to watch a 4D motion ride it was Happy Feet it was so boring, then we went on a swing ride it was so fun. Then we went home.

5/9/2013 08:37:31 pm

My favourite day of the holidays was when I went to the waterpark in Ibiza. I first went in the pirate area but there were about 10 slides but there were 5 more. There was a blue one where you sat on a mat and went down head first! A kamakaze which went straight down and was a mile long and then there was a orange and yellow slide the orange one went round and round you went as fast as light! The yellow one went down a dark tunnel and when you saw daylight you hold your breath. Also there was a tornado which was white and purple like the plug hole at butlins you went round in a bowl and plop your in the water and that was the favourite day of the summer holidays.

5/9/2013 08:43:14 pm

When I went to Haggerson Castle and I played on capture the choclate. Then I went to do rock climbing, it was very high wall. Then I came off and went to dare Jack to Jump off the top off the climbing frame. Jack jumped off the top, he hit the floor and he said that was awsome . Then me and Jack went to play on the swings then we went home.

5/9/2013 08:46:31 pm

My favourite day of my holiday is when I went to Light Water Valley. First we set off in the car when we got there it wasn't busy. When we got in the theme park the first ride I went on was the Eagles Claw, I really enjoyed it because it went upside down. My second ride was thev Wirlwind, I have never screamed as much in my life. My other ride I went on was the Ultamate it was the best rollacoaster I have ever been on. After that I went on the Raptor Attack it was scary because you were in a rolllacoaster in the dark and you do backflips. After I went on the Black Pearl where you do a backflips in a boat. After I went on the the Black Widows Web were you're in carts and you spin round really fast and go unpside down.

5/9/2013 08:48:07 pm

When I went for a walk in Durham with Julie my mam's friend. We went for dinner and after we went for an ice cream. When we walked over the bridge. Me and Lucy chucked stones over the bridge to see how deep it was. Then we saw the rowing boats and we went on one but Lucy was to small so me and Julie went on one, it was amazing but scary at the same time. Then we went shopping and so did Lucy.

14/10/2013 05:05:39 am

I didn't know you liked golf Adam.


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