After a fantasic first week together, I really feel I'm getting know you, but I would like to know a little bit more..
Please leave a description telling me about yourself, your likes and dislikes and any hobbies. I can't wait to read them
5/9/2013 07:20:15 pm

My favorite day of my holidays was when I went to Butlins at Skegness I liked it at the water park.on the outside slide you slide on your tummy all the way but there is little slides that you go down really fast! You go zooming at the end you go drop really far down into the water. It took me two hours to get on again after I got on again there is another massive slide that you go down in a ring. When you go down there were lights flashing in your face all the way when you got to the bottom millions of water splashes in your face it took me ages to get dried properly.

5/9/2013 07:23:07 pm

My favourite day of my holiday was when I got my puppy Lucy. The day had finally arrived I was so excited to get her, our plane ride felt like it was going so slow. When we got back home we travelled to Bishop Auckland to pick up Lucy. When we got there we had to sign some papers but once that was finished we picked up Lucy and put her in the back of car. Poor Lucy was shaking. We got back home and Lucy sniffed about and settle in. It was a great day for everyone.

5/9/2013 07:24:00 pm

my name is Mackayla I am 9 years old I really like to go camping with my Dad. Also I like cats and kittens. I hate courgettes and avacado. My hoddies are art, camping and climbing my favourite thing is being with my cats. I have 3 brothers 1 called Vinny, 1 called Tom he is my step brother and Jim is my step brother aswell.

5/9/2013 07:32:54 pm

I am Grace and I am 9 years old. I have a sister called Emily who is 14 years old I have 3 best friends called Ellie Ella an Leah. I love dancing. Me Ellie and my Sister do. We go to Dianne Ross dance accademy where it is super fun! Last week we did a exam on dancing and we all got hounours with distinction which is top marks. Me Ellie and Ella play the violin. It is very fun and some of the time when we are over eachothers houses we practice together and we let Leah learn to .My sister has to lock herself in her bed room because she dosent like the sound of the violin. Me Ellie Ella and Leah love to have sleepovers! We have had loads of them. When we do we do the most silliest things, like go places in our onsies and do who can eat the most mini marshmallows in 60 seconds cometition. One of the things I love the most is puppies! Sadly my Dad is allergic to any animals but my Mam and my sister wants one to. My apperance is brown eyes and long brown hair to. I havent got many freckles (but i want them.) I usualy have my hair in a pony tail a bun or a braid. I love to do hair i can do dutch braisd french braids fishtails lace braids same side lace dutch braids abnd messy buns! My 14 year old sister gets me out of bed in the morning to do her hair. I get realy sick of it! My favourite series of books are dork diaries by Rachel Russle. My favourite boy band is JLS and I am going to see them in December. The last time I went to see them me and Ellie went together. My favourite girl singer is Katy Perry. Me and Leah love the movie.

5/9/2013 07:34:50 pm

I like writing fairy tale stories and poems,my faviourite food is cottage pie and gravy.
I dislike football and pizza and playing on Wii's and Xbox's,I also dislike my nine times table.
my favourite hobbies are Bouldering and art but I also like playing my violin and fishing.
I get angry when I dont get my own way,but I am genrally an all right person.

5/9/2013 07:36:19 pm

My Name is Xavier

I like Art, Biking, my RC tank, the coulour purple and my bed

Dislikes :
I dislike courgettes, tideing up and football

My favourite food are cake,spagetti bolognase and tuna

5/9/2013 08:13:55 pm

My favourite day of my holiday was when I went to Madam Tussards in Blackpool. I especially enjoyed meeting Ant and Deck however I loved seeing Bear Grills because I enjoy watching him on tv. I met Jonthan Ross and even Simon Cowel. Majesticalliy I swung into action with spider man clinging on for my life on a wall, I got my picture taken and using a camera trick it looked like I was hanging from a sky scraper. I met Shrek in the forest and Bob the Builder, I saw the Royal family and got my hand waxed into an ornament.

5/9/2013 08:17:22 pm

Im 9 years old.I like Boxing and I want to be a Boxer when I get older.I dont like foootball. My favourite food is spagetti bolognese but I hate chicken curry.I like hotwheels cars.

5/9/2013 08:40:11 pm

Hello my name is Zoe I am 9 years old. My best friend is called Emma. I am a olny child my favourite thing to do is kitting with my grandma. My favourite hobbie is cooking. I like drinking lemonade. My favourite colour is red. I do not like the colour pink. I have a pet dog called Rusty. The things I do not like are thunder and times tables. One of my fears are snakes .

mrs j leach
9/10/2013 12:23:44 am

lovely zoe well done xx

5/9/2013 08:49:16 pm

My favourite sport is football. My favourite food is pasta. I like to wear football strips, I like going to St James Park. I am also 9 years old. I support Newcastle.

I've got brown hair, brown eyes also I have long eye lashers and freckles. My favourite colour is red. My fears are spiders. I dislike beetroot and pickled onions.

5/9/2013 08:50:39 pm

My hobbies are football and golf. Im better at football because I always play it.
My likes are the colour purple, Sunderland AFC, football, P.E, School, Sports, exercise and all of my friends.
My dislikes are Cricket, getting laughed at and getting called names.
My fears are strangers, trees, bikes and rats.

5/9/2013 08:52:34 pm

I like Minecraft also my X-box 360 plus my trampoline. I also like food especially KFC, Pizza Hut, McDonalds and chicken. My favourite thing to do is play Minecraft.

I hate beef and ice I can't stand ice because when I touch it I fall over! Plus I hate writing because it makes my fingers hurt. As I am clumsy I hate falling over.

I am a kind pupil who likes maths. I like playing out with Reece and Matthew. I usually play out once a week. Plus I am 9 and attend Brandon Primary School

My hobbies are riding my bike, running, sort of football, navagating things and surfing the internet.

I am scared of spiders, snakes, balls flying towards me and worst of all going on stage in front of an audiance

5/9/2013 08:54:53 pm

My name is Emma and I am 9 years old. My hobbies are sitting in my bedroom playing music , drawing and painting , playing with my friends and shoe shopping. I was born in December 2003. I like quite a lot of foods but my favourites are Spaghetti Bolognase, Raviolli, Chocolate oreos, Sponge cake, Sunday Dinner, Fruit cocktail and Shepherds pie. There is lots of things I like including Dogs, Hamsters, Rabbits, Watching Football, TV, Birthdays and laptops. My dislikes are Daddy longlegs, Snakes, Vegtable Casserole and reading long books.

5/9/2013 08:56:42 pm

My name is Connor I am 9 years old my favourite colour is orange. My favourite hobbies are riding my bike, playing on my kindle and building lego. My favourite food are smarties, pizza, grapes and bannanas. My favourite animal is a bat. I love playing Mincraft with my friend called Lewie and also I love going to my dads.

5/9/2013 08:59:38 pm

My favourite food is Sunday dinner. I hate egg. I like lots of fruit. I love running and I like playing bascetball. I look like I have light brown hair, I have light blue eyes. I am nine years old and my hobbies are sewing, riding my bike, playing golf and bascetball with my dad and I like playing rounders. My tallent is playing the violin and other instrmants and playing lots of sports. When I'm older I want to be an actor because I like reading books. I like maths and litracy. I also like science. I do not like scary movies and my favourite colour is baby blue.

Katie H
5/9/2013 09:01:40 pm

Hello my name is Katie I'm 9 years old. I like pasta and pizza. I have
a sister called Jessica. I don't like glasses and snakes. My dog is called Tia. My fauourite teacher is Miss Storey. When I am older I would like to be a teacher. My favourite hobbie is playing outside and I love eggs. My favourite colours are red and pink.

5/9/2013 09:08:30 pm

All about me. My hobbies are BMXing and dirt riding plus my Xbox. I like pasta, kebabs, pizza and chinese. I dislike cabbage, brussel sprouts and most types of veg. My favourite project at school are maths, sicence and topic. My favourite food is pizza and chinese. My most disliked food is brussel sprouts. My fears is of clowns.

5/9/2013 09:15:17 pm

My name is Abbie and I'm 9 years old. My hobbies are football, skipping, writting, drawing, colouring, swimming and golfing. I love having a movie night, ice-skating and acting, I also love animals alot. My likes are reading, making stories, making a script for a play and rock climbing and also my loves are animals, my family but mostly my mum. My favourite food is cheesy chips. My fears are poisonous snakes but I like normal snakes. I even used to have a few. I love little babys because I think they are so cute, but my dislikes are watching people fight and being on stage all by myself. I have had 8 cats, 1 dog, 2 guinea pigs and a few snakes.

5/9/2013 09:20:01 pm

I'm a person who likes arts and crafty type things, Im quite smart and my favorite sport is tennis. My hobby is crafting things made on wood. My favorite animal is a cheeter. I look like I'm ok in height, I get my hair cut every two months, I have no glasses, black trainers and a gray with orange inside jacket, and I always wear my uniform. Favourtie colour - orange. Favorutie activity - biking with Sol, Reece and Kie, I'm on my bike eight hours a day. Favourite food - chips. Every night school or not I'm up till twelve, I'm on my Xbox till eleven. My favourite game is Minecraft for the Xbox and Mario Brothers for the Wii U.

5/9/2013 09:21:18 pm

I am Amy I am 9 years old
My dislikes
My dislikes are football , balls , sand and cats.
My likes are Pink ( the colour ) JLS , puppies and babys and dancing.
My hobbies are boxing , dancing , baking cakes and gymnastics.
My fears are spiders and balls.

14/10/2013 05:19:23 am

I didn't know you liked boxing and I didn't know you do gymnastics.

5/9/2013 09:23:12 pm

My name is Liam my hobbies are rats and horror films . My favourite films are Ted and Horrid Henry the movie. I hate deep water and my favourite game is Call of Duty Two and my favourite animal is a Lion. I mostly like my Xbox 360 and playing on Minecraft. I Love my Xbox!

5/9/2013 09:25:41 pm

I am Emily I am 9 years old. I have one little brother called Luke. I don't like tomatos. My dog is called Elsa, it is a german shepard. My favourite band is called One direction. I have blue eyes, freckles and ginger hair and I hate wearing dresses. My hobbies are swimming and running. My fears are heights. I am left handed, my favorite colour is light blue. I don't really like chocolate and I hate things that are sour. My favourite movie is Despicable Me 2. I suport Sunderland. The thing that annoys me the most is getting wet.

14/10/2013 05:43:53 am

I didn't know you had a dog Emily.

5/9/2013 09:26:36 pm

My name is Adam I am nine years old my hobbies are Judo and Golf. My favourite game is Minecraft. My favourite teachers are Mrs Dodds and Miss Storey. My best friend is Matthew. My favourite year is year 5 because you get new things! I have two dogs called Milly and Sam. My fears are spiders and horror films. My favourite animals are snakes


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