Here is a fantastic competition for you to enter and show off your story writing skills.

This winter, we're looking to bring our beloved Sid the Seagull and Lizzie the Lizard characters to life in their first ever short story book. To create our 'Fairytale of Parkdean' adventure, and encourage children across the UK to get reading and writing, we're inviting all budding young authors to put forward their stories.

Our favourite entry, chosen by a panel of expert judges, will not only win the chance to see their book created in print but they'll also win a fantastic family holiday with Parkdean too! So, if you fancy yourself as the next J.K. Rowling, Julia Donaldson or Jeff Kinney, why not enter today?

Here is the link so you can submit your story, good luck and let me know if you've had a go.
Mia Gamble
23/10/2013 12:01:45 am

Lizzie the Lizard sculted across the cold damp floor the cat was after her... again. Suddenly the window burst open it was Sid the seagull. He swooped down and grabbed Lizzie just in time. Sid carried Lizzie to the river and sat her down Lizzie looked embarased. "How many times do I have to tell you not to play in the palour?" "erh I don`t really know" stamered Lizzie blushing. "Iwas just..." " Just what?" demaded Sid "well I was just looking for somthing to nibble on and the cat spotted me and and..." "No ands or buts this time young Lizzard you cant just nip into the palour when you feel like to get something to nibble on you know that the cat lives in there how many times are you warrned everyday" exclaimed Sid.

24/10/2013 08:45:05 pm

I like your story Mia.

Mia Gamble
24/10/2013 08:40:29 pm

"I don't know sorry I guess" said Lizzie sadly. Sid made Lizzie stay in her room for two hours doing her home work and even when she had finished he had still made her stay in her room. Lizzie was fed up she had tried and tried to open the door but it was no use Sid had locked it from the outside. The only way out was jumping out the window but the cat was outside Sid had told her to stand guard in case Lizzie decided to climb out witch she did. Lizzie scuttled down the wall the cat trying to pounce on her but she was to fast or was she...

Mia Gamble
25/10/2013 01:10:49 am

The cats paw swiped the wall and hit lizzie "oww" yelled lizzie "mioaw" snigered the cat. "Sid Sid help me the cat is going to eat me dont let it happen" cried lizzie and then out of the cornner of her eye she saw sid racing to save her...

Mrs Dodds
25/10/2013 06:34:01 am

I hope you're going to enter this into the competition, well done Mia I'm pleased you gave it a go.


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