Week beginning 21st October
Write a setting description to describe this very spooky house.

21/10/2013 12:36:44 am

This house looks very dark and rusty and as if rats and witches live in it rats will be running about and it looks very mystifying it is a cloudy day and there is cobwebs it looks 150 years old and the door will creek and you will hear ghosts screaming and it is surrounded by very spooky trees and it looks like no one has been in it for ages.

21/10/2013 05:55:36 am

Wow that is a good description Emily it is very detailed and exiting well done.

21/10/2013 01:20:47 am

In the deep dark woods there was a very old house. It has white cracked, dark walls, also it is very old and wrecked. This house is very dirty, it looks as if a zombie lives there. The house is very scary, it would be very good for Halloween. Around the house it is always misty, gloomy and dull. Also it is lonely there. The trees look all old and crooked.

Grace Burnip
21/10/2013 02:44:02 am

In the deep dark woods a very spooky house stood. The haunted house had lots of old trees surrounding it. The light shone through the tiny gaps between the tall trees. The branches on the brown wooden trees looked like spooky arms trying to touch you! Many people may have tripped over the stiff and spectacular roots. Some of the trees were as tall as a skyscraper. I started to imagine lots of innocent people have avoided these woods because they didn't want to be hurt or taken away. Some people might have thought that nothing could harm you in these woods but no one ever found out the truth about these dark, miserable, gloomy woods. The house reminded me of somewhere a wicked witch would live.

21/10/2013 03:31:45 am

Amy I read through your story it is really good :-)

21/10/2013 03:49:24 am

In the deep dark woods there was a abandoned house .There were cracked windows and the doors where creaky.The roof was wrecked and had spikes on top.There was eyes peaking out the cracks in the crumbled old walls.The path to the house was rough and the gate was rusty and squeaked in the wind it was terrifying.

21/10/2013 04:08:49 am

In some spooky woods was a really creepy house. With lots of windows and black, cracked walls but also it looks like its been there for years.It even looks like a few rats, spiders and other little creatures has been in there lots of times, If it was Halloween and kids saw that house I think they would never go near there ever again.

21/10/2013 04:59:12 pm

In the spooky house it is very creepy it has trees all around the house . The windows s craked and also there are lots of bats if you went there all you would hear wind . There is lots of spiders in the creepy house and out also there is a graveyard at the back were ghost come up and hornet you! The gate makes a loud noise if you go there at night you will see the ghosts they will go in your face and shout BOO!

22/10/2013 12:36:25 am

This house has lots of cracks in the wall with bats hanging on the ceiling. It looks like it has been there for years all you can hear is loud winds. Around the house you can see tall trees. There are also rats and spiders crawling around the dark creepy house with cobwebs all over the house. You can hear creepy noises from inside. There is also a brown dusty door covered in cob webs.

22/10/2013 12:37:40 am

In the old and dark spooky woods a small scary house stood not even moving in the wind. Everyone said an ugly monster with eyes as red as fire and teeth as big as football not one person had ever seeen the monster because outside the house a sign read leave me alown or sufer the consiquenses!

22/10/2013 02:11:40 am

Over the road in the deep dark forest there lies a crooked old mansion, It is the scariest of all scary mansions and know body dares set foot within ten metres of the place. It also has a very strange door which looks like it has been through a tornado and wrecked by metal hammers. It seems as if there are ghosts lurking between the hallways and up the stairs, Know body has ever lived in the house for thirty years or have they??????

22/10/2013 04:02:43 am

This house looks ugly it needs a good clean well it's that bad I'm not sure you can clean it , it looks really scruffy I wonder if anyone lives in there it must be horrible to in that house it would be very scary with all of the spooky things all around but it would be even more spooky if you lived by yourself all alone in a Massive house

22/10/2013 11:43:52 pm

I was out with my friends playing tig I quickly ran away. I saw a spooky house it was really hounted I slowly walked throw the gate I tried to do it so no one could hear me. The grass was as long as me in the garden.

23/10/2013 12:00:42 am

one scary night i was out halloweening on the 31st of October untill i came to a haunted freaky house and the door was metal and black with cobwebs hanginng on the corner of the door so we knockeed and hurt our hands and then they went all red so we ran away and never ever went back to the house again.

Mrs Dodds
25/10/2013 06:36:49 am

A good description, however can you please check your work before submitting it and make sure that capital letters and punctuation have been used correctly.

23/10/2013 01:24:02 am

It looks really scary the house is in the middle of no where & it looks like wolfs, ghosts,monsters' & vampire's live around there i would be very scared to visit that house.

25/10/2013 06:38:51 am

A good try, could you describe the house using your senses: what does it look like? Sound like? Any smells? How do you feel being there? Please remember I is a capital and not i.

23/10/2013 02:18:53 am

The enormous three-story house has a slate black portcullis on the ground floor and a huge number of thin blacked-out windows. It looks as if no tenants have lived there for many years. The tall trees hide the house from any prying eyes; they are leafless and bare with gnarled trunks. The barren land looks desolate apart from the odd broken tree trunk and branch.

23/10/2013 06:09:34 am

One day I woke up and looking out the window I was surprised to see that there was a gloomy, scary looking haunted house outside, I was so! scared. I ran to my calender and could see it was Halloween, so I decided to explore the haunted house. I was so scared but I had to go in to prove my self brave. Upon entering I sore a very scary white spooky shape floating inside so I turned and ran. It was a very scary experience but I'm happy its over.

25/10/2013 03:12:22 am

This house is very spooky and creepy and its also dusty and dark horible. But this whould be good for howllween i whold not like to live in that house i wonder if any one who lives in there who is a troll because i think a troll whold live in house. it has lots of spiders and cob webs i hope miss dodds or miss story douse not live there ....... this house looks freeky i hate the house Ok!!!!!!!!

Mrs Dodds
25/10/2013 06:40:09 am

A great try Kelsey you have used some lovely language. Please remember capital letters for names and I.

25/10/2013 06:24:17 am

this looks likes a very rusty and a very spooky house. it looks like it has a very virousios spooky ghost and it looks like something is going to jump out on you.this is a haunted house rusty house abbandoned house and a very spooky owner it also looks like a haunted hotel mation and ghost hotel people come back from the dead.

Mrs Dodds
25/10/2013 06:41:54 am

Well done Ben a great start, could you describe any sounds and smells? Please remember capital letters for the beginnings of sentneces.


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