Can you write an interesting setting description to match this picture.
I would like to see a variety of sentence openers, WOW adjectives and similies please.

Wear a Christmas jumper to school day 2013

Take some time and read through this suggestion. I would like to know whether we think this would be a good thing to take part in. Just click on the photo below and you will be taken to another site which will explain everything you need to know. Please leave your arguement for or against the idea below and try to encourage your parents to leave their views also.
Week beginning 21st October
Write a setting description to describe this very spooky house.

Here is a fantastic competition for you to enter and show off your story writing skills.

This winter, we're looking to bring our beloved Sid the Seagull and Lizzie the Lizard characters to life in their first ever short story book. To create our 'Fairytale of Parkdean' adventure, and encourage children across the UK to get reading and writing, we're inviting all budding young authors to put forward their stories.

Our favourite entry, chosen by a panel of expert judges, will not only win the chance to see their book created in print but they'll also win a fantastic family holiday with Parkdean too! So, if you fancy yourself as the next J.K. Rowling, Julia Donaldson or Jeff Kinney, why not enter today?

Here is the link so you can submit your story, good luck and let me know if you've had a go.
This week's homework is to create a comic with my friend Norm in it. Let me know how you're getting on with the task.

This morning as I was thinking what prompt to set you, a hot air balloon floated across the roof tops opposite. 
So I have used that as inspiration for this week’s prompt:

                                      …looking down, I was surprised to see…

Really get your imaginations working!

So far this term we have been looking at festivals from all around the world. Which has been your favourite festival and why?
After a fantasic first week together, I really feel I'm getting know you, but I would like to know a little bit more..
Please leave a description telling me about yourself, your likes and dislikes and any hobbies. I can't wait to read them
Welcome back to the new year 5 pupils!
I'm very excited to be working with you; this year will be a lot of fun!
I hope you have all had a fantastic 6 weeks holiday, I certainly did. I spent my holiday visiting lots of new places with my two adorable children. We had lots of fun and shared new experiences.
Please comment below and tell me what you got up to during your holiday.
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